Managed File Transfers

A robust and well designed MFT solution is ideal for businesses with complex and mission-critical file transfer obligations. It secures, maintains, and tracks data movements between people and applications both inside and outside your company.   

We can implement a platform which reliably and efficiently automates processes, reducing the complexity of your managed file transfer system, increases efficiency, and preserves your most essential data. 


Automation and Efficiency

 Workflow automation and folder monitoring, automation through integration with back-end systems without further human input after configuration. 


Know your data is encoded using the same 256-bit advanced security technology the largest banks and corporations in the world use for regulatory compliance.


Enable secure file sharing and collaboration between users inside and outside of your business network empowering end-users to accomplish their business objectives.


 Enterprise-grade protection lets you send and receive confidential information encrypted both in transit and at rest using automated Business to Business platforms 


Automatically generated timestamps and logs of data traffic movement including source and destination details, payload information for auditing and reporting.


Use industry-standard protocols, including FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS AS2, and SFTP. We use the latest security suites like TLS 1.2/3 for the authentication management process.

Your critical files should be going through secure channels, contact us