IT Implementations

We will first analyse your existing infrastructure and business requirements. With the findings of our analysis, taking into account your environments and platforms, we can then implement the right solution for your specific needs.  

The results of our analysis presented in a formal presentation will allow us to design a cost-effective solution to handle your business requirements. We aim from the top-down, starting first with your business functionality and then designing and implementing the right answer.


Hardware Upgrades

 We will undertake a detailed analysis of your current hardware set-up and business requirements before advising the most cost-effective and beneficial options available. 

Software Upgrades

Failing to upgrade software over time promptly can create a longer and more costly upgrade path. A well planned and executed upgrade cadence is recommended.

End User Platform training

End-user training is one of the keys to the successful implementation of any software.  We will plan your end-user experience training strategy before software roll-out.   

Software Development Life Cycle

 During all phases of the SDLC process, we aim to produce high-quality software which exceeds our customer's requirements and expectations. 

IT Acquisitions & Mergers

 IT planning and management are critical to a successful, smooth changeover to make the most of a merger or acquisition. IT plays a vital role in these activities.  

IT Sourcing

 The sourcing of IT systems and services is a major undertaking with enormous implications for your business. A more strategic approach is vital.

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