Business Intelligence

Unlocking business insights from data require combining all your knowledge into a smart analytics platform with dashboards, visualisations, and custom indicators. By taming your data from raw numbers from disparate data sources, you can ensure your business is inherently data-driven by integrating intelligent decision-making.   

We can ensure that your data flows without restraint inside your business, not only revolutionising the way your information is managed but also cultivating a new era of improved performance and cross-divisional communication. 


The Big Picture

Modern business intelligence systems not only help make informed decisions and develop strategies,  they support critical choices made by the decision makers.

Effective Use of Data Sources

 Automated use and refresh frequencies of your data sources and the ability to integrate allows your business to make real time decisions and educated guesses

Flexible Visualisations

Despite centralised data sources, we understand different decision makers require custom dashboards or visualisations to get to their decisions decisively.

Predictive Analytics

With predictive analytics, the problem will need to be articulated early with clustering, regression and ranking keeping in mind to  avoid over-complicated problems. 

Third Party Integrations

 Integration and augmentation of third-party solutions such as Tableau, Alteryx, RStudio Connect, Pentaho, SAP BI, Qlik, IBM BI, Microsoft Power BI, and others. 

Upgrades of BI Platforms

 We can provide recommendations and simplification strategies for modernising your existing BI tools and platforms, processes after thorough analysis.

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